Modern Bird

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Plant inside may differ from picture but will be a succulent .  

Succulents include a wide range of plants including cacti, native to dry regions of the world from high mountain elevations to low deserts; these plants have adapted to store water for long periods of time. Through extensive testing Live Trends has selected those varieties of succulents that not only tolerate infrequent watering but also low light levels making them the perfect easy-care plant for the home or office.


Water- allow plants to dry before watering. Don’t worry if plants become very dry, they will go slightly dormant without harm. Use approximately 2oz of water every two weeks.

Light- bright artificial light indoors or near a window without directsun. In mild climates they can grow on an outside porch but no direct sunlight.

Temperature- these plants tolerate a wide range of temperatures from 40-90F. Do not allow to freeze and keep away from air conditioning or heating vents.

Fertilizer- balanced house plant food once per month at ½ strength during warm growing seasons (IMPORTANT be sure to water with clear water first since your plants will be dry)


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