Valentines Day G Cube Chocolate

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Godiva Cubes are individually wrapped, bite-sized chocolate truffles with a modern “G” design atop each one. 

This special assortment features 10 G Cubes in the following flavors: 
• 2 Milk Chocolate, milk chocolate truffles with deliciously creamy milk chocolate ganache filling 
• 2 Milk Chocolate Caramel, milk chocolate truffles with smooth salted caramel ganache filling 
• 1 Milk Chocolate Hazelnut, milk chocolate truffle with a hazelnut praline filling 
• 2 Classic Dark Chocolate, dark chocolate truffles with delectable dark chocolate ganache filling 
• 1 Dark Chocolate Vanilla, dark chocolate vanilla truffle with luscious vanilla white chocolate ganache filling 
• 1 Dark Chocolate Strawberry, dark chocolate truffle with a strawberry ganache filling 
• 1 White Chocolate Coffee, white chocolate truffle with bold milk chocolate coffee ganache filling. 

These truffles in a variety of flavors make for an exciting Valentine’s Day gift
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